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How to Compress Your PDF Files

In some case, large size PDF files with scanned content will cause you some troubles like disk space requirements or email attachments. Therefore, it is need for you to have a third-party application to reduce their overall size. PDF Compressor is the one that will reduce your PDF files by compressing and cutting down on quality and DPI level.

PDF Compressor - Main Window

step1: add your pdf files

Step 1. Add Your PDF files

Two ways for adding PDF files have been provided. You can click the "Add Files" button to open a dialog and choose the target files. You can also drag and drop your PDF files or a folder onto the file area.

pdf compressor add pdf files

Step 2. Set Compression Level

Using the build-in slider, you can modify and set the compression level. PDF Compressor will reduce the size of your PDF files by cutting down the documents' dots-per-inch attribute. This will results a lower image quality.

step2: options

Step 3.Click "Convert" Button

If everything gets ready, all you need to do is to click the "Compressor" button and start the process. PDF Compressor will complete the task soon.

step2: start compressing

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